Social Distancing Crown


A wearable device project just for fun, something dorky and useful at the same time, something that looks like a hat, that would detect whether someone is too close to you from behind.

We got inspired by Simone Giertz's works, also known as "shitty robots".


  • Distance sensor + speaker by Yona Ngo
  • LED + fabrication by Daniel Ryan Johnston.
  • Servo motor with a “wagging finger” by Yonatan Rozin.

How It Works

The hat features a sensor placed in the back of the hat that would trigger LEDs to flash, a finger to wave, and a speaker to create pitches at the intruder. The pitches mimic someone saying "no, no, no" while wagging a finger. We thought this would be a cute and humorous piece during this stressful time.

Tools & Process

For the first prototype we decided to use Arduino, NeoPixels LED that we found on the ITP floor, speaker, ultrasonic ranger, as well as a servomotor that would hold a card box hand. Read more about the development process here.
Thank Thank Thank

Shoutout to Daniel Ryan and Yonatan for working with me on this amazing project. Also, cheers to David Rios for giving answers to all our questions and helping with our struggles.

made with ♥ by yonaymoris in 2021