Airi Flies


An interactive game played using your voice.

Airi Flies is an interactive game played using your voice.
To start the game say PLAY. Say PEW to make Airi fly. If you lose more than 8 points or hit an obstacle, you lose.

This project was created to encourage people to get out of their comfort zone and feel more confident about themselves regardless of what they do and what they look or sound like.

P.S. Works for Google Chrome and Firefox.


  • Coding & Visuals by Yona Ngo,
  • Supervised by Yining Shi

Developed as a final project during Bots & Machine Learning course at School of Machines in Berlin, Germany.


A few weeks before I started working on this project I was learning to use the beta version of Google's Teachable Machine. But I found myself feeling so embarrassed trying to teach the machine to recognize some simple words.
It brought me to the thought, that there are so many people that are just too shy to express their unique weirdness in public, because it is not something the world is used to.
I created this game with the hope that people would start feeling more confident about themselves no matter how they look or sound like.

How It Works

The sound-classification model was trained using teachable machine 2 on 120 samples of 9 different female and male voices in addition to 84 samples of background noise. The model then is used with p5.js to create visual elements, that change their positions and appearances whenever the classes PLAY or PEW are detected.

Tools & Process

Airi Flies was created using p5js, ml5js and Teachable Machine.
Thank Thank Thank

Special thank you to the School of Machines, and Yining Shi who supervised this project.


Featured on,, Google Teachable Machine.

Airi Flies was presented at the final showcase at ACUD MACHT NEU in Berlin, where more than 200 people attended.
It was a great pleasure watching guys and girls whispering the word PEW at first in order to make Airi fly, then realising they should say it louder and laughing at themselves saying it one more time as loud as possible.

I trully believe this game brought lots of joy to the ones who played it and to the one, who created it.

made with ♥ by yonaymoris in 2021