Draw The Word: A Draw and Guess Game But Using Your Phone's Tilt


Draw the Word is a traditional Draw and Guess game but with multiple drawers and only one guesser. All the players except the one who guesses have to draw on a single canvas by tilting their phones.

This is a group project for Collective Play course, taught by Mimi Yin.


Code by Yona Ngo,
Architecture & Diagram by En Tung Liu,
Instructions & Testing by Angelo Espinosa Tiu ,
Supervised by Mimi Yin

How to Play

  1. Arrange yourselves in a circle facing inwards with your phones, connect to the server using the link.
  2. One of the players will be randomly selected to be the guesser. Everyone else will be given a shared prompt through your phones. Please try your best to try and depict the word by using your phones’ tilt to draw on the canvas together.
  3.  You are allowed to communicate with your collaborators, just make sure you don’t reveal the prompt to the guesser. The guesser will then have a limited amount of time to guess the prompt based on your collaborative work.
  4. The guesser can guess the word when the drawers are drawing or after that.
  5. The drawers have 60 seconds to draw.


During the playtest, we also tested out different approaches to play the game.

Another way we tried out was to have a group of people as guessers and another group as drawers. The drawing was performed by putting the phone on your head and try to draw the word by moving your body.

How It Works

The Draw the Word game was created using p5.js, node.js, and socket.io. A host client manages when the game starts, and when it ends, player clients provide the drawing features and a canvas. The server receives the information about each client, generates the random word to draw and defines, which player is the guesser.

Tools & Process

Draw The Word was coded using socket.io, p5.js, express.js and glitch!

You can see the source code here.
Thank Thank Thank 

Thankful for being in the same group with Angelo and En Tung.  Special thanks to my classmates who had enough courage to playtest the game, and to Mimi Yin, who supervised and code reviewed this project.

made with ♥ by yonaymoris in 2021